Sunday, October 12, 2008

Baby Doll Dresses - Dresses For Real Women Part SEVEN (final)

This is our last week for Dresses For Real Women postings for now. I will post more come spring.
A baby doll is a shorter version of an empire line (see previous post), and is in a similar style to a short nightgown or negligee. It is often trimmed with lace, bows, ruffles and ribbons, according to’s “Baby Doll or Empire Waist?”
This dress typically has a sweetheart or straight neckline. A scoop neck will counterbalance sleeves and is flattering for bigger-busted women. Most think that due to the short-length, skyscraper legs are a prerequisite to carry off this style well, and for those lacking in this department then it is possible to lengthen the leg with high heels and platform shoes ... HOWEVER, I believe all leg lengths can look darling in this type pf dress. The shorter legs just add more of a cute factor, which I myself, don't mind at all.

This is adorable.
Audrey Dress
Item#: 153155
Price: Original: $39.50
Now: $19.99

Now I am not able to post too many examples at the momet, but if you go to any of your favorite online stores and search for "babydoll dress , or baby doll dress" you are sure to find one you like.