Saturday, October 18, 2008

Body image

Here at Got A Flare For Fashion, it's believed that body image goes hand in hand with fashion. If a person doesn't have a positive body image, they aren't feeling their best, and not dressing their best, and all out not being all they can. We believe all of us women are beautiful. Easier said than done, but we should all embrace ourselves, and love ourselves for who we are.

We live in a world today, where even the youngest fashion lover is kept from feeling she is attractive, and if someone does love themselves, they are ridiculed for doing so. Come on, ladies! This isn't right! I know first hand what it's like not to feel like I am as beautiful as I wish to be, but we have to be in this together.

I've watched women tease one another over something petty, and the one being teased walks away feeling down on herself. This has to stop. But let's face it, it is a cruel world we live in. So what's a lady to do?

When we look in the mirror, we've got to stop pointing out our own "flaws" because in reality, we are the only one who sees ourselves that way. We've got to stop being our own worst critics. And when someone tells you something bad about yourself, or tries to point out a flaw, ignore them. Again, easier said than done, but really, if someone feels so inclined to do so, chances are, they're jealous and just trying to make themselves feel better by putting you down.

The Internet is a far more cruel world than "real life" because people say things they'd never actually say in person. So if someone puts you down, commenting on a photo of you or something, brush it off. They're just a scum bag!

You have to love who you are, and at best TEACH yourself to love what you see in the mirror, if you don't already. Don't be ashamed to love who you are. Be you, and be kind to others.