Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tunic Dresses - Dresses For Real Women Part THREE

Now it's time for the dress that some hate with a passion, and some love without shame. Some say it's not even a dress! But all the same, here is the tunic dress. Love it or hate it? I love it, and after you read my whole post here, I'm sure you will, too!

I think this is just adorable. J. Crew About $50

This adorable thing is from and is $89.99! I love it.

This one is not my favorite, plus it sort of reminds me of the 70's (which I usually love, but not in this case). It's $385 at though, just in case it suits someone else's taste!

This sexy Goddess is wearing the Goddess Beaded Tunic Mini-Dress and making it look good, the price is $258 at

Honey, plaid has never looked so good! I want to own this. It's $105 at

And now for the more frugal and the deal catchers, wonderful items at a lower price:


What's not to love about this tunic dress? I love everything about it. I love it so much, that I want it VERY badly. It's only $20! Click the photo to be taken to the item in it's online store.

$29.80 at Just lovely. Can be worn even in fall/winter with the right accessories.

Even with a bun in the oven, this tunic dress can be worn! Yes, Mommies can be comfy and cute. Julou Grecian Strapless Maternity Tunic/Mini Dress $30.

This is cute! You know you love it. And it's $25!
So you want to know how to wear these lovely tunic dresses in the colder seasons? Easy!
The great thing about these dresses, is they can go with a pair of jeans or leggings. For a classic look, they can go with a pair of skinny jeans and flats, and maybe a bolero or shrug.
For a boho look, pair the dress with some flare leg jeans and some flat boots (tucked under the flare leg jeans) and a cute sweater cardigan.
For a fun look, try wearing knee-high boots over jeans or leggings with a cardigan.
Also, you can wear a wide belt, or a corset belt at the waist of these dresses for a nice, put together look. These dresses can pretty much do anything. You can even mix and match styles! That's the joy of them! That's why I love them so much!


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